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About Us
What We Believe
Two years after our church was founded, the pioneers of the Assemblies of God adopted 16 beliefs for the Fellowship, they remain unchanged until now.  Find these 16 beliefs in our Statement of Fundamental Truths.

Our Vision
It's a New Day, It's a Great Day
    -Passionate about belonging and integration
        ~We not only want people to come and visit Elim, we want them to stay...and those that stay,                 we want them to be active.  We want to shut the back door and get rid of the revolving door at               Elim.
    -Passionate about Growth
        ~Growth and Maturity in people's personal lives, spiritual lives, family & relationships, and in                     Scripture.  We have implemented discipleship initiatives at all levels to assure healthy spiritual               momentum.
    -Passionate about our Worship Experience
        ~Creating a Spirit-filled environment where the Holy Spirit is free to flow with our worship,                       teachings, and preachings that will transcend beyond the service, outside our four walls and into             our daily lives.
    -Passionate about the Next Generation
        ~Committed to developing the children and youth of our church and community into passionate, 
          Spirit-filled believers and the future leaders of tomorrow.
    -Passionate about the 1
        ~Studies show that when a church is effective, it has the capability of impacting and reaching up to           1% of its demographic population. 2010 Nueces County Hispanic Demographic Population = 189,776
        ~Our Goal = 1,898 Souls by 2020
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